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Birch plywood WBP
The increased water resistance
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About the company
LLC "Russian forest" was established in 2000. The main objective of the company was the production of large-format birch plywood WBP brand – high water resistance.
In 2018, the plant was reconstructed to improve the existing equipment, which made it possible to optimize the production process by reducing the consumption of raw materials and improving labor productivity.
The company is located in the city of Udomlya of the Tver region, near the Federal highway Moscow — Saint-Petersburg, which greatly reduces the cost of delivering of the products to the main consumers.
The plywood production capacity is 12 000 m3 per year of marketable products. There are also auxiliary wood processing facilities.
The priorities of our work are sustainability, universality and the non-waste production!
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Birch plywood WBP brand,
high water-resistance
Format (mm)
1220 х 2440
1250 х 2500
1220 х 1220
1250 х 1250
4, 6.5, 8, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27
GOST standard 3916.1-2018, emission class E 0,5

NS - Not sanded
S2 - Sanded on both sides
S1 - Sanded one side
The use of plywood WBP
Construction, furniture production,
automobile production, carriage engineering, shipbuilding,
manufacture of billboards and fences,
construction work, interior decoration,
roofing, packaging and more.
Grade ВВ/C
Allowed to repair the sheet surface. Knots and open defects are
sealed with veneer tops. Covered with various finishing
materials and paints
Grade CP/C
This class includes sheets of plywood discarded from grade II(BB). Intended for the manufacture of structures, hidden from the external review, various special containers and packaging
Grade C/C
Open to all manufacturing defects. Knots are allowed in unlimited quantities, only guaranteed a good gluing. Used to manufacture durable containers and packaging
Сertificate of conformity:
171843, Tver region,
Udomlya, School street 9
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